Electrodeposition coating

Electrodeposition coating which can keep its design and beauty by utilizing the texture of aluminum metal has been widely spread as aluminum surface treatment. However, in recent years, global environmental problem such as increased number of ultraviolet light on earth surface and longer durability demand for residential buildings brought by preference of high-end goods become a challenge.

Under this circumstance, we have introduced painting materials for electrodeposition which can control the decomposition of coated film caused by water/ultraviolet light, etc known as major natural degradation factors on electro-deposition film. This electrodeposition film consists of acrylic resin with higher weather resistance than conventional one and can control the decomposition of coated film caused by the sun(ultraviolet light)(see model diagram 1). And it has coated film structures which can ease the decomposition of film caused by moisture such as rain drops(see model diagram2).

  • [Model diagram 1]
  • [Model diagram 2]

Further more, the film reduction period of this high weather version with long-lasting texture of the base metal is three times longer than that of conventional version because it also meets the requirements of JIS standard and there is little gloss variation as you can clearly see the chart below. As a result, customers can use our electrodeposition coating for various applications because of improved longer durability under severe circumstances.

Super Accelerated Weathering Test (Metal Weather)

Specification of surface treatment

Coating specification Film thickness Color tone
Anodic oxide film +
ED film of high weather acrylic resin with matte type
JIS standard A1-9,12 9,7 6,7
(in case of B, Titan gray color only)
Various colors of 2 step coloring
(stainless color - black, gray)
made-to-order spec 12,12 SA12,12
Process outline

Process outline:Process of anodizing

Process outline:Process of complex film

Process outline:Process of painting

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